Tuesday, April 20, 2010

challenge 6: blog roll

Five blogs that i recommend are..
1. http://blogs.egusd.net/desiree/...
She has some interesting blogs like, she says in a blog that chewing gum can raise test scores because chewing gum relieves stress and makes you more alert.

2. http://wdean.edublogs.org/
I learned some funny jokes from her blog..=D

I chose Lisa not only because she is my friend but I like how detailed her blogs are and sometimes she creates really inspiring blogs.

4. http://riannahh4.edublogs.org/
In her blog, She has listed 10 things she likes to do and they are very similar to things i like to do.

5. http://allison-sally.blogspot.com/?zx=27ed04febee48b18
I chose her because I liked her sketchafu.

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