Friday, April 23, 2010

5 really awesome bloggers

I like this persons blog because she describes music as a way to get away from the real world. She also describes how each song has a story behind it. She says most recent music can fill our minds that the world is a negative place. She gets in depth with her blogs and describes how she feels about certain subjects. This is why I think her blog is an awesome blog.

I like this blog mostly because I liked the way she organizes her blog and uses color and interesting subjects. One blog she wrote is about why we love our moms. This blog describes what our moms do for us that we usually take for granted. At the end of this blog she writes "Why do women live longer? They still have things to do!"

One blog that she talks about is very interesting. She describes why radio stations repeat songs. She says that all new songs are "played out." This blog describes that listening to the radio is like listening to your ipod and have 1 song repeat itself over and over again.

I think it is interesting that this person talks about horror movies and why we like them. She says that we like these horror movies because deep down we feel like we are the crazy ones.She says in her blog "It's when someone is tortured and killed while we sit in our beds and cry our selves to sleep at night for reasons we can't explain." In a way this blog is kinda creepy.

This person is alot like me. In one of her blogs she talks about her old journal or diary. She says instead of writing about drama she would write quotes that would comfort her. I like writing quotes too and I also like writing poems describing my emotions.

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