Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last blogging challenge

So far I have about 41 blogs including this one. Their was about 2 blogs that I posted that weren't school related. I got a total of 15 comments that were from teachers and students. However, I didn't receive many comments from my classmates or peers. The blogs that I got the most comments on was Which animal I wanted to be and the toon-doo i created. I think the reason why I got alot of comments on these post is because some people shared what animal they wanted to be and they asked how I created the toon-doo. I enjoyed writing "An Awesome Photo" because I'm inspired by photography and I thought it was a very unique photo. I have 15 widgets and I believe that is plenty of widgets that I could play around with.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blogging Challenge 9: Facebooking

Many people check their facebook, twitter, or take a phone message daily. I have a facebook and a myspace that I use every morning and every night. I use facebook and myspace to catch up on the new gossip and since I don't have a cell phone I communicate with my friends online. About 56% of teenagers that surveyed online said they check their facebook or twitter at least once a day. About 48% of the people that were surveyed check their facebook or twitter in the middle of the night.