Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Climate change

Climate change has not really affected me personally but other parts of the world and even Wisconsin has been affected by climate change. Wisconsin is experiencing warmer winters and snow fall has increased. Animals in Wisconsin are also experiencing the effects of climate change. The number of cold water fish has declined. Ground water is also expected to decline and this could affect our water supply. Wisconsin is not the only place experiencing climate change, other parts of the world are noticing extreme temperatures and animals that are going extinct. If we don't stop the effects of climate change we will experience more extreme temperatures, floods, droughts, and more animals could be endangered. We also will experince long weather patterns. We should all save energy by turning off the lights when not using them and maybe even take a walk to the store on a beautiful day. As part of the student blogging challenge, I wrote a post for BAD 2009 on the topic of climate change.

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